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 Columbus, GA

My name is Melinda Johnson Gamble, owner of BodiworX Fitness Columbus personal training and Fit Bootcamp Inc (FBI) – a fitness bootcamp in Columbus, GA.

A couple of years ago I noticed a need for a local fitness bootcamp that offered a non-intimidating setting, while still providing the best and most complete workout. Hence, the beginning of Fit Bootcamp Inc

I am a native of the Columbus, GA area, mother of four children and six grandchildren.  I have over 16 years experience in the Fitness industry beginning my fitness career in 1996 at the newly opened Cory Everson Gym for Women as a Certified Personal Trainer.  After a year I began working as the Athletic Director and Personal Trainer for Green Island Country Club and have been there since. 
I have a passion for helping people reach their potential and their fitness goals.  Body Fit Columbus, GA was founded in 1997 as a lifelong passion for health and fitness. 

My approach to fitness is to offer one-on-one personal training in the form of a fitness bootcamp in the Columbus, GA area. You have my undivided attention to guarantee the most efficient training possible. No lines. No reason to be self-conscience. Just results!  We specialize in weight-loss and will help you to achieve your goals.

It is my goal to inspire and motivate people to achieve their personal fitness goals, rediscover a passion for healthy living, as well as create a positive attitude and self image.  It is all about getting fit and having fun!

We are like family at BodiworX Fitness Columbus and Fit Bootcamp Inc and you instantly feel welcome and one of the gang. 

I look forward to meeting you and having you join us at BodiworX Fitness Columbus and the FBI, Fit Bootcamp Inc, the best personal training and fitness bootcamp in Columbus, GA!

Health & Blessings,


Certifications and fitness education include:

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified, American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified, National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) Certification, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Certified, Weight Training Certification, IDEA Bootcamp Certified, Nutrition Fundamentals, Senior Fitness Certified, American Academy of Health & Fitness Professional Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist

Some of my fitness accomplishments include: 

Completion of several Century (100miles) bicycle rides, half-marathons, duathlons and triathlons. I have participated in numerous road races and am an avid cyclist having cycled across the state of Georgia 7 times since 2000 with BRAG.