21-Day Belly Blast Challenge

21-Day Belly Blast Challenge!

Who ELSE wants to lose 7-15 pounds in just 21 days…GUARANTEED!?

Get the motivation and the inspiration that you need to achieve your fitness goals!


Because this program REALLY works!!

Not only will you LOSE FAT, but this program is:

  1. Designed to re-train your body to OPTIMIZE YOUR METABOLISM
  4. And…is a 100% STRUCTURED MEAL PLAN, so you will KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO, and WHEN to do it!


Are you looking for a way to shake off the Winter Blues?

Maybe you need a jump start to lose those extra 10 pounds!


In FACT, for our average campers…

Women will LOSE 7-13 lbs

& Men will LOSE 10-15 lb

Don’t put it off any longer, start your fitness goals now.

We’ve been testing and fine-tuning this program for years, and are absolutely THRILLED with the results.

This Program REALLY works!!

The best part about it is…. it’s ONLY for 3 weeks!!

And EVERYONE can do something for just 3 weeks, RIGHT!?!


Here Are Some of the Highlights…

  1. Calorie Confusion – you all know about “muscle confusion” thanks to P90X, so it makes sense why calorie confusion would work too.
  2. Fat Burning Workouts - designed to kick-start your metabolism, improve flexibility, strength, and energy levels
  3. Phase One: Detox for the first 72 hours – this is the most challenging part, but once you are through it, you are HOME FREE! This stage is designed to detoxify the toxins out of the bodies to create a more efficient, fat-burning machine!
  4. Calculating Your Water Intake – keeping hydrated is an important key to success. This will help you to feel fuller longer, so you will eat less!
  5. Cheat/Treat Meals – there’s always a HIGHER success rate when people know they can still have some of the foods they love. You’ll learn how to plan for the extra calories and STILL stay on track!
  6. Quick & Easy Healthy Recipes – to use if you don’t have a lot of time or don’t have cooking skills.
  7. Small Frequent Meals – to keep your energy up and combat binge eating! You will feel like you are eating ALL of the time!
  8. 90/10 Rule – Eat well 90% of the time and eat with no guilt 10% of the time. Anyone can do this and this program!

Spring Break is quickly approaching and it’s time for a FUN, INTENSE workout challenge to help drop those Winter pounds!

This is an intense express program and it has now helped HUNDREDS

of people to DROP 7-15 pounds of FAT in just 3 weeks!!

This Program REALLY works!!

 So….Are you READY to join our 21-Day Belly Blast Challenge?

I’ll give you ALL the tools you need to succeed, but YOU need to take action!



This Transformation will take some dedication on your part…

but I guarantee you will see results!

Most people don’t accomplish their goals because they don’t have a plan!

Well, here’s your chance to have it all “mapped” out for you.

You don’t have to think, JUST DO IT!


The 21-Day Belly Blast Challenge is designed to help you

get rid of those last few stubborn pounds of ugly fat.

You may be stuck or your results have plateaued but

this Challenge will BLAST those last few remaining pounds

of fat right off you!! This is a no fluff, no excuses program.


WARNING: This program is designed ONLY for people who are SERIOUS and READY to commit for 21 days.

This is a serious, intense program, so here is what I’m looking for from each member:

  1. Commit to the full 3 weeks with  no excuses 

  2. Allow me to use your before & after pictures on my website

  3. Make no excuses why you missed a workout or slipped up on diet

  4. Be willing to log the foods you eat and the workouts you do daily

  5. Be an active and supportive team member of the Fit Bootcamp Inc. Facebook page

  6. Be willing to workout more than once a day if needed


This is NOT just another ‘Boot Camp’ . 

It will be challenging but fun and you’ll have me coaching you every step of the way.

Plus you’ll look HOT by the time Spring Break gets here.

Click the “Get Fit” Button Below to Sign-Up TODAY!

Only $129



Here’s What the Belly Blast Challenge Includes:

3 Boot Camp Workouts per week

In-Home Workouts (to do on alternate days!)

Meal Plans with Delicious Healthy Recipes

Before & After Measurements (and photos!)

Inspiring Fitness & Health Tips

DAILY Motivation & Support

Why not start losing weight now? 

The 21-Day Belly Blast Challenge has an EASY to follow meal plan that gets RESULTS!

Every Meal is Done-for-you. (It even includes cheat meals.)

Yes, you can have a cheat meal! This program will tell you the best time to have them.


Need I say more?

Every workout is targeted to achieve maximum fat loss.

Get Healthy Recipes using the RIGHT ingredients and foods!

Motivation from us to keep you on track – accountability is KEY!

Stop jumping from diet to diet. I will show you what works.

Sign up to reserve your spot today!

So, are you ready for the challenge?

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Only $129



P.S. Don’t miss out! NO excuses!

P.P.S. Don’t wait to start your weight-loss goals!